Our vision is to build a more effective infrastructure for
performance improvement and skills transfer at scale,
positively impacting social and economic development

Why Outsized

Anurag and I set up Outsized due to a passion for emerging and developing markets, a desire to build a business that we could shape ourselves and to do something we could genuinely feel proud of.

Achieving outsized returns and fast-tracking economic development in emerging markets requires effective skills building and skills transfer at scale. Our objective is to create the infrastructure and market place to achieve this.

“Outsized is emerging and developing markets focused, founded on the belief in business as a force for good. Some call it social finance, others profit with purpose. For us it just makes sense.”

Niclas Thelander, MD Outsized


The purpose of Outsized is to have a positive social and economic impact in Emerging and Developing Markets through enabling the free movement of expertise, skills and knowledge into and out of these markets.

The desire is to close skills and knowledge gaps and bring learnings and experience from other markets that allow for the acceleration of sustainable performance improvement and growth.

Lack of skills and effective ways to close those gaps is a major challenge for most emerging and developing markets businesses. Not only does it slow down individual organisations’ performance, it is a barrier for overall economic development and sustainable job creation. A for-profit, large scale and effective solution is needed.

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