IFMR Capital is a leading A+/A1+ non-banking finance corporation providing the crucial link between debt capital markets and high quality Originators who reach the emerging consumer and business owner. Using its deep experience, unrivalled data, proven and proprietary risk management processes, IFMR Capital continues to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to a growing client base of Indian and international investors keen to tap into a growing market opportunity.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IFMR Capital is part of the IFMR Trust group of companies, which were specifically created to drive financial inclusion in India. The Company connects high quality Originators in order for them to deepen their presence and provide access to financial services to millions of financially excluded sectors and financially excluded households.
IFMR Capital’s activities are now benefiting some 15 million individuals. The Company also helps its clients to build better operating and oversight systems and to implement customer protection principles, thus improving the quality of products and services that end borrowers receive.

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